Field report: first portrait shoot

Since I started learning about mobile photography, the bulk of my work has been in nature and street photography. But portrait photography is something I want to get into more as I had develop an interest in that particular genre of photography. To this end, I decided it would be a good idea to schedule regular portrait shoots with friends. The obvious benefit for me was that I get opportunities to try out different ideas and learn the art of portraiture while building a portfolio in the process.

How I'm getting started with mobile photography

I started to develop an interest in photography while building Stellar Photos, a browser extension that shows a new hi-res photo from Unsplash on each new tab page. The aim for building that extension was mostly to learn how browser extensions worked, and I achieved that satisfactorily. However, in the process of curating and looking at photos on the site, I began to develop an interest in picking up photography as a hobby.